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My Son, Twelve Hours Old (1988)

Twelve Months Old (1989)

Two Years (1990)

At Three (1991)

In His Fourth Birthday (1992)

At Five (1993)

Six Years Old (1994)

With His Sister at Seven (1995)


His small son’s birthday series is one of the most  outstanding and meaningful . The images,  set in eight wooden boxes,  show the child, year by year, next to an object (a pencil, a stone, a little boat in a bottle) to catch the  insignificant private emotional vibrations of a specific moment. There, in the continuity of that series, Jorge Deustua’s ethics are synthesized: It is not virtuosismo nor  conceptual complexity  he is looking for,  not even an estheticist’s  filigree. What Jorge Deustua looks for is domestic intensity, the life behind the photo.